Customer gets mistaken for an employee by a rude woman, makes the situation funny

It is an awkward situation when you mistake someone for an employee. But it is kind of funny when someone mistakes you for an employee. It is okay if it has happened to you; it is pretty normal actually. There is a subreddit called “r/IDontWorkHereLady,” where people share their experiences. You can see hundreds of posts where people have been mistaken for an employee, and it will surprise you how common it is.

On the subreddit, there is a user that has posted numerous times, and he thinks that it happens to him because he has a ‘retail face’. He has been approached by many people in stores and had to tell them that he doesn’t work there.

One particular situation that he has been in was when a rude woman approached him and was shouting, cursing, and commanding him to show her the way to the eyelash curlers. He decided that this time it wasn’t enough to only say he didn’t work there, so he had a bit of fun with the situation.

The story begins by saying that he had to go to the store to buy some birthday candles. When he entered the store, he saw a woman that was yelling at another customer because she wasn’t walking fast enough. 

Then he says that the angry woman wasn’t getting her way, so she started turning towards his direction. When he saw him, she immediately started walking towards him. She asked if he could help her, she replied by saying that he doesn’t know what she needed help with.

She asked him where does he keep his eyelash curlers. He told her that he doesn’t keep them anywhere because he doesn’t own any and that his eyelashes are naturally curly.  Then she started calling him an idiot and saying that she meant where are they in the store.

He again answered that he hasn’t got any idea. She started getting even angrier and told him to either tell her where they were or talk to his manager.

He said to her that he didn’t like both options that she gave him. This is when she pretty much lost it and started calling for the manager. He told her that he doesn’t know where he is. Her yelling and shouting got the attention of a real member of the staff, and she quickly came to the scene.

She asked him why wouldn’t he help her, to which he said why would I. She finally asked him if he was an employee, to which he replied no. This is where the manager arrived and started telling the angry woman to calm down and stop shouting and cursing.

The woman started to accuse the man of lying and kept calling him an idiot and a moron. The manager warned the woman that if she didn’t lower his voice, she would have to leave. The manager told the man where to find the birthday candles, and he was on his way. When he got away from the woman, he could hear her still shouting and yelling. Then he saw two security guards escorted her to the exit.

Later he said that it was pretty difficult to not laugh because the whole situation was hilarious. He added that he had been mistaken for a member of staff lots of times, but this was a unique situation that had never happened before.

The whole subreddit that this story was shared is for people to tell their stories when they have been mistaken for employees. One of the moderators has said that the page has been active for five years and has said that they are getting hundreds of submissions. He added that most people think that only happens to them, and it is pretty uncommon, but it is the opposite. The subreddit “r/IDontWorkHereLady” encourages its users to tell their most awkward, funny, and ridiculous stories.

Many people have found the story hilarious and have commented about it, saying that he was so calm and made the situation even better with his witty responses. Some people even said that their day got much better after reading the whole story.