Mother gives birth to twins early, doctors tell her that they have Down syndrome

Mother gives birth to twins early, doctors tell her that they have Down syndrome

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that expecting children can be both the most beautiful moment and the most stressful one at the same time. One couple from Sheffield, England, were expecting twins and were so happy that they will have two new girls in the family. Nicola and Todd already have a child, Lucas. Like his parents, he was excited to welcome his two baby sisters. Due to some complications, Nicola had to go to the hospital. When she and her husband got there, doctors told them that the babies would have to be delivered early. Just after 33 weeks, Nicola had to go in labor. There were no problems while giving birth, and Harper and Quinn were welcomed to the world. Doctors told the parents that the girls were born healthy, so they immediately started to plan out bringing them home after recovery.


A couple of hours passed, and the doctors came back to the room where Nicola was recovering. They wanted to inform the couple that the first baby that was born, Harper, had Down syndrome. At first, some parts didn't make sense, but after a couple of tries, the doctors thoroughly explained the situation.

You can't stop Down syndrome from happening. It is a genetic condition, which is caused by some chromosomal disorder. Down syndrome results are development issues, some intellectual setbacks, and physical changes to the appearance. Throughout the years, people viewed this condition in a negative light, even doctors, when explaining the state to the parents. Fortunately, more and more awareness has been raised for Down syndrome, and people are starting to learn more about this condition.

Nicola and Todd weren't so worried about the condition, they knew that they will love their daughter no matter what. Down syndrome was just one of the issues that they had to worry about. Harper was also born with two little holes in her heart. One of them closed naturally, but the second one had to be closed surgically.

Once the two girls got healthy, doctors sent them home with their parents. Once they were home with their newborns, Nicola and Todd looked back at the time the doctors told them the news in such a negative way. This thought the couple that people will immediately feel bad about Harper's condition.

They have said that people who have come over for a visit or they met outside, always say sorry about Harper's condition. Nicola and Todd always correct them and say that she is no different than her two other siblings.

Nicola has seen how people react when she tells them that one of her daughters has Down syndrome and wants to change how people see it. She has decided that she wants to share her experiences and talk about her day-to-day life so people can see the good sides of it.

Nicola has set up a blog and has created some social media accounts where she talks and shares experiences about having a child with Down syndrome. She always talks about the condition positively and wants other parents to not be ashamed of having a child with Down syndrome. She always talks about Harper being positive, happy, and unique. These adjectives can also be used for children having this condition.

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If you liked the previous video, just wait until you see this next one of a boy named James who has Down syndrome, getting asked to prom by a beautiful and amazing girl named Maisey as the whole gym cheers them on

When it is time for prom, many of us know that it can be a stressful time. Will we have a date, who we are going to ask the boy/girl that we like, and what are we going to wear. In this next video, some of the things we mentioned weren't that important. One day at Glenelg High School, in Maryland, every student gathered at their school gymnasium and waited for a particular classmate to show up. The classmate they were waiting for, James has Down syndrome and would get a surprise he would never forget. When the video starts, you can see James walking towards the gymnasium.

He has no idea what is happening, and as he gets closer to the gymnasium, he can hear loads of noise inside. When he walks inside, he is greeted by his classmates who have been waiting for him. He walks towards the center of the basketball court, and everyone there starts to chant, clap, and cheer. In the beginning, he seems quite unsure of what is about to happen.

James quickly feels more comfortable when all of his classmates cheer him on when he starts to dance. You can see even some of the students on the side joining in with moves of their own. As James is showing off his incredible dance moves, a girl slowly comes towards him holding up a sign that says ‘James, PROM?' James sees the sign and stops dancing. The girl, Maisey, asks him if he would go to prom with her. After James says yes the whole gymnasium, starts to scream and chant even louder as the two share a hug.

Everyone at the gymnasium had their phone out and wanted to record the fantastic moment. It is a moment that all of them will remember forever, and now you can witness the video.

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Get your tissues ready because in this next video you will see a father talk about how he has to defend his son who has Down syndrome

In the video you are about to watch, there is a father named Rob Scott, who had overheard a conversation of another father and son. The father told his son to pick out a movie he liked, and the father would get it for him. The little kid picked a movie that had a child that had Down syndrome. And like any other little kid, the son asked his father what Down syndrome is. The father answered that people with Down syndrome are ill and don't know anything.

When Rob heard what the father answered, it broke his heart. Rob, who has a little boy with Down syndrome, thought that the father only wanted to simplify the condition to his son but felt like he wanted to correct the father. He didn't have the courage to speak up, and that made him even sadder.

Rob recorded himself in his car, minutes after he heard the conversation between the father and son. He felt like he needed to talk about how he felt, which in a way is standing up for his son, which he says is the greatest gift in his life.

Rob also says that he isn't recording himself to shame the father's answer, but he wanted to speak up for his son and tell the world that Down syndrome isn't an illness. He says that Turner, his son, taught him what the true meaning of love and joy is.


Rob desperately wants people to know that what his son has isn't an illness or a disability. He says that disability isn't a term that encapsulates fact. The video will definitely make you tear up, and you can see that he wants people to know that Down syndrome isn't what the majority of people think it is.

With sharing this video around, you will definitely raise more awareness about children with Down syndrome.

In our next story, you will see how a school cop calms and soothes a girl that has Down syndrome who is scared in the school halls

We are kind of sure that every one of you had a toy or a blanket when you were a young kid that you brought with you everywhere you went. Every problem that rose, you would be able to solve it if you had your favorite toy or blanket with you.

All the scary things and situations didn't seem as scary when you had your little buddy with you. That little friend gave you the courage that you didn't think you had when you were without them. Today people know that kids carry around their toys, stuffed animals, or blankets because it will surely lower their anxieties and fear in any problematic situation they end up in.

With all that said, we like to tell you the story behind the video that you are about to see. Raquel Zuniga is a 12-year-old girl who goes to Slater Middle school and is in the seventh grade. Raquel goes to special classes that are designed for children that have moderate to severe mental disabilities. Like any other young kind, Raquel carries a special friend with her. Her little friend is a stuffed version of Kermit the Frog. She hangs out with Kermit all day, no matter if she is at home or school.

Raquel has severe anxiety, and that often shows when she is transitioning from one place to another. This anxiety can be triggered when the bell rings, and she has to change classrooms. It happened one day when Raquel had to change classrooms, she just froze when she was, didn't say anything, and couldn't get to her class.


Of course, other children and teachers noticed her and tried to help her. Numerous teachers tried to calm Raquel down and take her to her classroom. They wanted to make her feel safe so she could walk with them to her class. Unfortunately, none of them was able to move Raquel from where she was standing. She stood in the same spot for about an hour, not speaking and holding on to her stuffed Kermit.

They, on the scene, stepped the school security officer Kris Morrison. She had spent 20 years as a school officer in the school for special needs children. Also, before being an officer, Kris was a teacher, who helped children with disabilities. Kris instantly knew what to do and say to Raquel to make her feel calm and safe.

Kris started speaking to Raquel in a soothing voice and thought that singing a song would calm her even more. Kris began to sing Rainbow Connection, which we all know is a song that Kermit the Frog is known for. And just like that, Raquel's anxiety and fear just started going away.

Raquel started to move, that song was her favorite, and it felt like a miracle had occurred right there in the hallway. The song surely triggered her to relax and feel safe.

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Our final story depicts a moment where a young man approaches a Windsor Castle Queen's Ground. As he stands next to him, the guard stomps his foot, and the young man with Down syndrome runs away

One of many residences where the Queen lives is in Windsor Castle. Every year thousands, if not millions of tourists from all around the world, visit the picturesque fortress. Around the castle, there are soldiers known as the Queen's Guard, who stand in front of the castle, protecting it day and night. Many people just go to see them instead of the castle, as they can easily be identified wearing red tunics and bearskin hats.

One day a young man named Sam came to visit the historic castle. Sam came to Windsor Castle as part of a web series called ‘The Specials' in which he and four of his friends star in. The series follows five young people with Down syndrome as they live together and visit places. The series started back in 2009, and with its first season, managed to win a Webby Award for Best Reality Program.

Sam was part of the second season of the show, and in one episode, he visited Windsor Castle. There, Lt. Bragger and Sgt. Baggot-Moore were his tour guides for the day. As they were walking around the grounds, they told him that next on the list was visiting the Queen's Guard. They said to him that he couldn't talk or interact with them because while they are on patrol, they have to be silent.

Sam and his tour guides came close to one of the guards, and Sam quickly went over to take a picture. The soldier was wearing his iconic uniform and was holding his gun over his shoulder. Like any other tourist, Sam wanted to take a photo with the guard.

You can get a photo with the guards just as long as you don't get to close to them and be respectful. If you bother or do something to disrespect or present yourself as a threat, they will warn you or take more strict action.

As Sam was posing for a photo, the guard suddenly stomped his foot on the ground. Sam was startled and quickly ran towards the two soldiers who were his tour guides for the day. All three of them started laughing. So was Sam to close to the guard, or he stood for too long to make the guard warn him to get away. Both of those assumptions are wrong. It turns out that the guard that Sam was taking a photo with is his brother Jack.


This was the reason why Sam came to Windsor Castle in the first place. Not more than a year ago, Jack, his brother, joined the army. And since then the two hadn't seen each other. The stomping was just a way Jack wanted to say hello to his older brother. Because he can't speak while he is on patrol, he had to do something to make sure that Sam noticed him.

After Jack's patrol ended, the two met again to have a proper reunion. Jack and Sam hugged and talked about Sam's love for one of his housemates. Jack told Sam that he should tell her that he liked her and maybe take her out on a date. Sam followed his brother's advice, and later on, Sam would date Meghan for six years before getting married.

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