15+ examples of people who recreated their old photos

We can be 100% sure when this trend started, or who actually thought of the idea. But we know that for more than a decade, people have been recreating pictures that were taken when they were kids. 

The main thing about these recreations is to take a photo that you have of yourself or a picture that includes some of your family members. People have been taking their most ridiculous ones and posing at the same spot, with the same members. In the same positions, they were in the original.

The results are always fun and make you feel nostalgic. Seeing someone how much they have grown up or a family member who got older is quite wholesome.

1. This one is a little different from the others, but the results are quite the same.


This guy clearly knows how to work on Photoshop. Since his grandmother is living in the same house, he went for a visit. He snapped a photo in the kitchen, where ivn the original photo was taken 22 years ago. He was sitting in the sink and taking a bath.

2. This recreation is unique because the person in the photo took the time to recreate the whole outfit from the original photo when he was only 3.

Printing a new shirt that says ‘Look at me, I'm 26', gives this recreation extra points for effort.

3. The uploader didn't specify how old they were when the original photo was taken, but we can surely say that the two pictures are 50 years apart.

When you see the expression on their faces is clear that they are much happier in the new photo. Recreating a 50 years old photo is quite amazing.

4. There are a lot of graduation recreations, but this one for us takes the first prize.

Taken nearly 25 years later, the daughter is now the graduate, and she completely nailed the sleepy expression she was doing in the first one as a baby.

5. In both of the photos, we can see each person supporting the one on the right. On both occasions, one person has gone through something hard, and their spouse is there on both occasions.

In the first photo, you can see a woman holding her husband's hand after he came back from military duty. In the second one, you can see the man holding his wife's hand after she had finished her chemotherapy. 

6. This maybe is our favorite one so far. Clearly, more than 90 years apart, the man on the photo had celebrated his 100th birthday.

Although there are significant changes in his hair color and glasses, the one thing that has never changed is the smile on his face. You can see that his smile hasn't left since 1928.

7.  For 15 years, this dog has never left his friend's side. Although that is quite a long time for a dog, he has remained by his side.

The uploader didn't think that getting a pacifier was necessary. Still, we believe that he would have nailed it even more if he recreated the whole photo.

8. It is not totally clear when was the first photo taken and how much time has passed since then.

On the other hand, we can certainly say that that dog's attitude when it comes to mealtime hasn't changed a bit. He may be grown out his little sweater, but the enthusiasm is still there.

9. We all agree that seeing a little baby and a puppy grow together shouldn't just apply to animals.

This young woman took a photo of a tree that was little when she was young, and now she has said that even a tree can feel like a friend if it has been with you for a long time.

10. When you see the first photo, you may think that certainly a lot of time has passed between the two pictures.

The car indeed makes the picture seem even older. And, the background has hardly also changed. The first photo was taken in 1995, and the second is in 2010, so 10 years apart isn't that long.

11. Getting your family involved makes the whole thing even more wholesome. But a perfect recreation can be hard to pull off.

You can barely see in the second photo that the young man is putting his hands on his mother's shoulders. Because he is much taller now is hardly noticeable.

12. In this one, you can see that a lot of things can change in 20 years and some can't be as easily anticipated as others.

From starting to work at home, reaching as far as Wall Street is quite the upgrade, and that Apple computer with the Windows98 picture is quite the comedic touch.

13. The uploader clearly couldn't find a normal basketball. He wanted to recreate a picture of himself when he was a little kid.

He even said that he got bored and got the same haircut as he had when he was six years old.

14. This guy got the expression of the original photo spot on, and he even managed to find a similar bib to the one he is rocking in the first photo.

Plus, he clearly has the same opinion when it comes to the taste of baby food.

15. When it comes to new technology and cameras, they don't have that warm feeling when it comes to the end product. The old ones clearly have a more wholesome result.

Nevertheless, the most essential thing in this photo is the person in the middle having the same expression before biting into his hot dog.

16. Unlike the previous photo, this one was a little bit easier since the original is a black-and-white shot.

What is a little sad about these photos is that clearly, the teddy bear in the first photo didn't survive the 26 years in between. We all know how kids can be with their toys.

17. Now, this photo has some history to it. Not everyone gets to take a picture in front of a monument that has been all over the headlines.

Although this guy recreated his outfit perfectly, the Berlin Wall has been taken down for a long time now, and the only thing left for him to chip away is the air.

18. Unlike the previous examples where people had to remake their outfits, this woman wore the same outfit she was wearing in the original photo.

It was an essential part of the photo because she was trying to match her doll's outfit. The blouse and skirt may not fit perfectly on her, but it is still impressive she kept the clothes in the first place.

19. These five siblings did a pretty good job when it came to recreating the facial expressions from their old photo.

The sister who is in the photo has said that they didn't include one more brother just because when the first photo was taken, he was not born.

20. These siblings were photographed back in 1998 near their pool, where the sister made a funny face.

Two decades later, the facial expressions are there, the outfits are on point, but the brother has clearly opted for a more expensive camera.