An Asteroid Is Going To Hit Earth On The Election Day?


This year has been so far the most hated year in the human history. People have been cursing 2020 all over the internet for bringing misfortunes, a pandemic, and now a freaking asteroid. It seems that this year is determined to make us all either bend to the will of the Universe and change the way we live or just go extinct. 

The scientists have predicted that an asteroid is in a direct course to have an impact with Earth just a day before the US elections in November. The asteroid known by the name 2018VP1 will hit Earth on November 2, According to the institute of Near Objects Studying at NASA. 

This asteroid has a particularly small diameter of only 6.5 feet which is roughly 2 meters. This object was first seen two years ago, from the Palomar Observatory in California. 

According to the space agency there can be three potential places that the asteroid could hit with the chance of direct impact being less than one percent. There is no need to worry about anything since this asteroid is expected to burn up in the atmosphere before it even reaches Earth, so I guess 2020 won’t turn out to be that bad.