Greedy waitress steals from a generous woman.

Everyone knows that in America if you leave a 20% tip, the waiter is more than satisfied from you. There are people that tip and there are people that don’t. That’s how this world works. One woman decides to be generous with a waitress and leave a tip, larger than 20% but the waitress went and bit the hand that fed her and stabbed the woman in the back. This is as far as a worker can go when it comes to abusing with their workplace and people like this deserve to be behind bars.

Whitney Anderson is the woman who decided to be more than generous with a waitress. She took her family to a Mexican restaurant and when she paid a bill of $40 she gladly left a $10 tip which is more than the average of 20%. But then when she got home she forgot to take the customer’s receipt with her. When she woke up the next day she found out that she had been billed $10 extra in her credit card. Angry at what she discovered she headed to the restaurant to face the owner who didn’t care much and promised to give her back the money in less than 10 business days.

But Whitney was not satisfied with that. She demanded the customer’s receipt and that is when the shock really hit her. The waitress had dared to fill in the receipt herself and even faked Whitney’s signature, giving herself an extra $10 tip.

So she did two crimes by stealing and faking signature. Whitney posted about this on Facebook and after she got the attention of people, the restaurant’s owner started looking at the case more seriously. He contacted all the previous employees of the waitress to find out that she had been fired before for doing the same thing. He had no choice but to issue an apology and fire the waitress.