People have been weirded out by the look of Demi Moore’s bathroom

Recently, famous actress Demi Moore posted on her social media telling her fans about her new project. But the thing that got people talking and commenting was Demi’s bathroom.

When you see the picture, you will know what we are talking about. Keep reading the article to see the photo and see how her fans reacted.

Demi became known as a model.

When she was only sixteen, she lied about her age and told the editors of an adult magazine that she was eighteen. She featured in a couple of covers for adult magazines.

She wasn’t a model for long, as she pursued acting after a couple of months of modeling for a couple of magazines.

Her first role in a movie came in 1984, she starred in the movie ‘Blame it on Rio.’ She quickly became popular, and she was the lead role in numerous films that were big in the period between 2000 and 2009.

To this day, her most famous role is in the movie ‘Ghost,’ starring alongside Patrick Swayze.

In the movie, there is a scene that can be regarded as one of the most famous and iconic moments in movie history. You know what stage we are talking about.

Further, in her career, she also starred in numerous blockbusters.

Some of the more famous ones are ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,’ ‘Rough Night,’ and ‘Very Good Girls.’

While filming all these movies throughout the years, it wasn’t smooth sailing for Demi.

Moore released a memoir, where readers were shocked to see that she had gone through some rough periods. All beginning with ending the marriage with actor Ashton Kutcher to the time where she had passed out at a party by smoking marijuana.

When you think about it, all of the things she went through have the same theme.

Moore, her whole life, had felt like she has never been good enough. Either to herself or anybody else. She had revealed that this has been going on since she was a kid.

In her memoir, there is a part where she talks about an event that occurred when she was fifteen.

Ever since she was a kid, Moore and her mother, Virginia King, never had a stable relationship. And at one point when they were living together, a man became friends with them.

When he first tried to make friends with them, Demi felt unsure what to think of him. And one day, when she got home, he was just sitting in her room. Moore, in her memoir, has said that was her most uncomfortable experience.

Later in the book, she reveals that he abused her.

In her own words, Demi says that for a long time, she never saw it as r*pe. She felt that she was obligated to do it and felt like it was all her fault.

The shocking thing was that every time it happened, her mother knew about it.

One time the man even said to her that her mother knew and she was paying her. Even though he uttered those words, she still didn’t believe that her mother knew what was going on.

She was questioning herself, saying how a mother could give someone permission and the keys to their home to a man they didn’t know. Knowing that at home, alone, there was a young girl.

Even though Demi has gone through some horrible times in her life.

Demi now seems as she is living her best life.

On all her social media, recently, she has been giving her fans some glimpses of her Idaho home.

Just a couple of days ago, she posted a photo that got people talking.

Demi wanted to inform her fans via Instagram post that she was going to start a podcast.

But fans rather than comment being excited about her new project, they couldn’t stop talking about her bathroom.

Some people even said and described it as bone-chilling.

Everyone that commented on the bathroom was spot on.

No one seemed as they liked the setup of her bathroom.

At first, many people thought that she was in her living room when they first saw the picture.

People only realized that she was in her bathroom when they spotted that toiled between some cabinets.

The whole setup of the bathroom didn’t make any sense.

She had a carpet spamming the entire bathroom and a couch in the middle. The cherry on top was the big Joan of Arc statue.

Not only did people comment on the carpet, but also how the carpet looked. And the more people looked at the pictures that she posted, the more things they spotted that aren’t meant to be in a bathroom.

One user on Twitter said that they were going to make a separate account just so that people could come there and discuss why does Demi Moore’s bathroom look so weird. Since that tweet went viral, people have been trying to figure out why has Demi made her bathroom like that. People have started putting some pieces together, looking into her whole home, to try to figure out if the entire home is based on some theme. But so far, everyone is still clueless. At the end of the day, it’s her bathroom, and she can decorate it; however, she wants.