Prince Harry has decided to change his name

At the start of 2020, we got the shock news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were going to step down from as senior royal. The announcement came pretty unexpectedly, and everyone was worried and confused as to why they would sacrifice their royal titles. This is just the beginning of it, and this next piece of news is even more controversial. 

Just keep on reading to find out why Prince Harry is changing his name and his new name.

We all know that Meghan Merkle has made her mark on British history in many ways without a shadow of a doubt. 

People already knew who she was, but media and fans got even more obsessed when she started dating Prince Harry back in 2016. Harry himself has made changes to his life since they got married in 2018, and the newest being his name.

With officially getting married, Meghan got the title the Duchess of Sussex.

Their marriage made Meghan the first American black woman to be a part of the royal family.

Since day one, together, they have worked non-stop to achieve and fulfill their duties as royal members.

Being part of the royal family, Meghan took part in many royal tours and has visited many parts of the world.

It was almost instant, the whole world fell in love with the new Duchess.

She is naturally beautiful and has this elegance that made people love her, plus she has done so much for women's rights. She has helped so many women charities setting an example and making the royal family proud.

It wasn't a smooth road from the beginning.

The moment she became a part of the royal family, many people started to criticize her, and not all comments were about how she isn't royal enough.

Many people have been saying that she acts like a ‘diva' since she became a part of the royal family.

Not long after she started living in the palace, there were reports that she was so high-maintenance that some of the servers that worked their quit their jobs because of her demands. 

Even though these reports and rumors can't be proved, they still made the news in pretty much every country.

She and Prince Harry were even criticized for using the private jet too much.

At that time, climate change was a massive topic of conversation. Many people noticed that the couple used the jet to go from one part of England to another just with their private jet. This was deemed as wasteful, and at the end of the day, it does damage the environment. Even though they both used it, Meghan got more criticism.

She was even criticized for her parenting skills.

People and media started commenting about her parenting skills when photos popped up, showing how she is holding her baby boy Archie. It is usual for a young or a new mother to struggle a bit in the beginning. That showed that media and people would write and comment on anything just to spread hate.

Meghan did an interview, talking about the difficulties of being a royal member and how hard it is to be in the spotlight all the time.

A reporter asked Meghan how she's dealing with always being in the spotlight and how does she manage to be in the tabloids. She answered that she takes every day as it comes and that she is an optimistic person, always looking forward to the positive things. It is pretty stressful, and being in the spotlight always can be difficult.

While doing the interview, it seemed that the Duchess was holding back tears at one point.

She said that from the beginning of it all, she tried to adopt the British sensibility and not show emotions. But she also added that it can be damaging keeping all those emotions bottled up inside.

At one point, it seemed like the couple couldn't take any more criticism and couldn't battle with rumors and accusations.

In January, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced on their Instagram page that they will be stepping down as senior members of the royal family.

In the post, they said that after a long time of discussions and reflection, they have decided to step down as senior members of the Royal family and wanted to become financially independent. They would still work with and support Her Majesty, the Queen.

Since they have made this move, they are now entirely independent and can do whatever they like.

Harry will always be a part of the family. Still, Meghan can now pursue other ventures and projects other than royal protocol.

No one expected the next thing they did.

Some source has informed the media that Harry and Meghan will be taking a few mounts off and try to enjoy themselves.

Harry and Meghan decided to step down as royal members at the beginning of this year.

This means that they will no longer have their titles and will not receive any public funding as they did before.

At first, they were living in a rented mansion in Vancouver, Canada.

But now they have moved across the border. And with their son, Archie, they live in Los Angeles, California.

Since their move to America, the couple is looking for their first job and want to find a permanent home.

Princess Diana also planned to move out and step down as a member of the royal family, mounts before her death.

Recently Meghan has said that she has already found a new job.

She will be narrating a Disney+ documentary that is all about elephants.

She should have already announced a new charity venture and what their plans are for the near future.

But a royal expert has commented, saying that Harry and Meghan are going to take a few mounts brake.

On the new ‘The Heir Pod,' podcast episode, Omid Scobie and a few guests talk about the move that Harry and Meghan made and a few other stuff.

He said that it was interesting to see the whole build-up to their departure. Since January, everyone waited to see how Harry and Meghan would transition and how will they carry on with their lives. He added that many people were surprised when at the end of March, they announced that they would be closing down their social media and their website to take a short break.

He continued to talk about the whole situation.

Saying that they were supposed to launch new initiatives and create new projects, but they decided that they also needed a few month's breaks.

A couple of weeks ago, the couple posted that they will be closing down their social media.

They were supposed to announce their new venture, but postponing it because of the whole pandemic was a smart choice.

Reporter Laney Lui has come out and said that a break is the right thing to do now.

She agrees with their decision to postpone their new venture because it would feel quite insensitive.

Many people have hopped on the couple's side, and all agree on the idea of taking a break.

People are saying that at this point in time, everyone is at a stop. Harry and Meghan's decision to postpone everything right now is an excellent personal and professional move. Until everything is set straight and the situation has calmed down, then they can think about what they will do next.

The couple said their goodbyes in a post.

They wanted their fans to know that they won't stop working behind the scenes.

In their post, they wanted to thank their followers and told them that they are an inspiration and cherish every message of support that they give them. They added that they won't be seen, but they will continue to work hard.

Another thing that was impacted due to dropping their roles is Harry's full name.

Recently Harry had to register his new green travel firm called Travalyst, and his full name was made public.

He has now had to drop his royal surname.

At this moment, Harry doesn't use his HRH title nor Mountbatten-Windsor.

And that is just the beginning.

He also doesn't use the surname Wales, which he used when he was at school and in the army.

It is a pretty significant change.

On the Royal family website, there is an article that says that the Prince of Wales has chosen to change his decisions until he becomes King. However, he will still continue to be of the House of Windsor. Also, Harry's grandchildren will use the surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

As of now, he is listed as Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex. 

As we said, it is a significant change.

Let's be honest. We will still call him Prince Harry.

If you want to know how the couple is handling the coronavirus pandemic, keep on reading.

To be fair, Harry and Meghan are one of the most famous couples today.

It made the news everywhere in the world when people found out that Prince Harry was in love with Meghan, the ‘Suits' actress.

They first met going on a blind date.

A mutual friend set up the date back in 2016. The mutual friend thought that they would hit it off instantly.

And the mutual friend was absolutely right. 

After the first date, Harry and Meghan decided that they would see each other again, and in the near future, went out a couple of times in London.

They kept it private for a couple of months until 2017.

Then they told the public that they were in a relationship.

In wasn't surprising that Meghan was instantly thrown in the royal spotlight.

She was already known for her role in the TV series ‘Suits,' but this kind of spotlight was on a higher level.

Fans and media fell in love with the couple.

At the end of 2017, the public was thrilled to hear that they got engaged.

They didn't waste much time.


They got married in May 2018.

The whole ceremony was just unbelievable.

Because they are part of the royal family, they didn't hold back at all.

The ceremony was at Windsor Castle and became the most viewed televised event of all time.

Meghan couldn't stop smiling. She was glowing with joy.

She looked absolutely stunning.

Not long after their big day, Harry and Meghan had some more wonderful news to share.


Meghan was pregnant.

On October 18th, the couple shared that they were expecting a child.

Nine months later, on May 6th, 2019,

Baby boy, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, was born.

Their little family is just so beautiful.

Their family life wasn't smooth at all in the beginning, even though they appear as everything was. Plus now, with the coronavirus pandemic, it got a bit worse.

The Duchess of Sussex hasn't had the easiest time since becoming a royal.

When you become a part of the family, you are basically leaving your old life behind so you can focus on the job that the monarchy has for you. Meghan especially has had a difficult transition.

Many fans of the family weren't so happy that an American woman of color had joined the family.

Some people even have said that she joined and instantly broken up the whole family.

The media haven't been easy on her.It got so bad that Kensington Palace had to come out with a statement urging the press and the public to take a step back when it came to rumors and fake reports about Meghan. Finally, this year it seems as the couple has had enough of the criticism. They have announced that they will be stepping down as senior members of the royal family.

They made the announcement on their social media.

Harry and Meghan want to raise their son Archie in a more normal way.

They have also said that they will be spending equal time in the UK and in North America.

They said that in this way, they will have more time to focus on their next chapter in life and also teach Archie about the royal tradition.

It was big news when they posted their announcement.They must have started a big conversation, and they must have discussed this topic for quite some time. The other members of the royal family had something to say about Harry and Meghan's decision. 

The Queen herself issued a statement saying that she and the entire family support Harry and Meghan's decision, even though she would have wanted them to stay as a full-time working member of the royal family. 

These public statements point to the fact that everything is alright, but behind closed doors, there may be a different story. It has been reported that it wasn't smooth sailing as it seemed.

Some reports suggested that the more senior members of the family were shocked by the decision and that it was made without warning them. And like previous articles, almost everyone started blaming Meghan again. One family friend made some interesting claims. Before this went public, the family friend has said that Harry and Meghan had no other choice but to go with it this way. Some sources even said that some relationships in the family have gone bad.

The source even continues to say that Harry and Meghan didn't want to do it this way, but there was no other choice. There are some toxic people there and some bad blood between certain family members.

With all of this being said many people forget that, This situation must be so hard for Meghan, who is a young mother. A few weeks ago, Prince Harry had finally started to talk about the whole situation.

He was attending a charity event, and when he was on stage to make a speech, he also talked about the split from the royal family. The Duke of Sussex first started talking about the media storm that caught Meghan and himself after they have announced their decision.

He addressed the public that they must have heard and read so many things in the news lately. He wanted to tell the truth or as much of the truth as he could share. He wanted to put emphasis on the fact that he is talking as Harry and not as a Prince or Duke. As the person that the world watched him grow over the past three decades.

He continued his speech, saying thank you to the people who have continued supporting Meghan. He added that The UK will always be his home, a place where he grew up and where he felt so much support from the public. He also thanked the people who welcomed Meghan and continued to support her. He said that he found happiness with her, the joy that he was trying to find all his life.

He wanted to let the people know that Meghan has the same values as him, and he made sure that he found a woman that he can grow together as a person. He said that she hasn't changed over the years and is the same excited, positive, and helpful person from the day he met her. He admitted that he made mistakes in the past.

He wanted to stress that this decision they made with Meghan wasn't made lightly. Months of discussions and conversations were held and that there wasn't any other option. He told the public that this wasn't a goodbye from them. Harry hoped that he would continue to serve the Queen, the commonwealth, and his military associations. He made this decision so his family can live a more peaceful life in the future. He will never change who he is and will continue to do his best to make things better. He also hopes that people will understand their decision and will continue to support them.

He also mentioned that he will absolutely reimburse UK taxpayers for renovations the couple made to Frogmore Cottage. They will also top using their HRH titles.

He also mentioned and wanted to honour his late mother. He said that when he lost his mother 23 years ago, the people took him into their arms and that it was an honor serving the country and the Queen. He thanked the public for always believing in him and supporting him. He wants people to work together more often for a better future for all of us. He also added that it was a huge honor to serve the people and wants to continue to lead a life of service. Despite the ridiculous rumors and stories about his family recently, he ended his speech by praising them.

He said that he is forever grateful for the respect his grandmother, his commander in chief, and the rest of the family has given him and Meghan in the past few months. He promised that he will continue to be the same man who loves his country and will always be dedicated to the causes, charities, and military communities. He has learned a lot from all of them, and he is grateful that he has learned to do what is right. Since the whole announcement had been made, people all over the world have been wondering.

Since now they won't be getting any money from the royal family, how will they plan on being financially independent? There are a few ways.

One way they are going to get money is from Prince Charles, and there have been rumors going around that the couple is in talks with an elite Hollywood team. They have recently hit a hurdle in their path.

They have been told to remove the ‘royal' from all their social media accounts and their website. This can be an issue because that is their trademark name.

For some time now, they have been trying to gain the international right to their ‘Sussex Royal' brand. But reports have come in that the Queen has put her foot down this time.

The Queen felt that it was inappropriate that they were using the word royal in their branding. Because they chose the path to step away from the family and go their own way, they shouldn't be allowed to use it. At this point in time, their social media name and their website name is still the same. 

It is still unclear if some this will be done for them to take down the word royal from their platforms. Despite all the negative news, the couple seems to continue to enjoy themselves and doing things their own way.

Before stepping down, they decided to wear royal red, a fantastic way to go. Looking fabulous as always, we must say. They wore it when they were about to leave London.

There was a military-sponsored event that honors British people who have fought in WWII. The Mountbatten Music festival is held annually in the Royal Albert Hall. It sure was one of their last events as part of the royal family.

A royal expert has recently come out and said that the couple leaving the family at first seemed easy for them. But as time went by, you can tell that their feelings are much stronger than previously suspected.

Omir Scobie, who is a journalist for and is in an inner circle with Harry and Meghan, has said that:

It would have been much easier for the couple if someone in the royal family stood up and supported them earlier. They would have gone through these rough times better. According to some reports, no one in the family stood up for them.

He refers to the couple as one who is hurting. It was hard to see Harry giving up his military honours. Omir described the situation as creating a wound that will take a long time to heal.Times aren't getting better for the couple in the past few months.

The Invictus Games that Prince Harry finances and created have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The news came from the Board of the Invictus games. 

They have said that due to the pandemic that is happening right now, they had no other choice than to cancel the Invictus Games, which were supposed to begin on May 9th and ended on May 16th, 2020.

The continued their announcement saying that:

They are still working hard and want to make sure that the Invictus Games will be held in May or June 2021. They are talking with their foundation and sponsors and wish to make sure that there is a way that the games will be held.