Nepal Has a Special Celebration Every Year Where They Praise Dogs for Being Human’s Best Friend.

Mark Twain said once the more he learns about people the more he likes his dog. That is the truest sentence that one can say. Because you cannot trust people since they will lie to you and hurt you. Dogs, on the other hand, will do nothing but love you unconditionally. 

They won’t ask for anything else but to care for them and they will give you their heart forever. Whether you are sad or happy, dogs will be there to share the moment with you.

I remember when I was suicidal and I would express myself to people, to people who would abandon me soon as I would open up. But whenever I would cuddle a street dog whenever I was sad, he would do anything to cheer me up. And at the time, dogs would just sit by my side and let me know that they were there for me. 

Now I am so glad to see that a country is finally giving the dogs the praise they need. Nepal has a special celebration every year where they praise dogs for being human’s best friends. 

Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated every autumn by Hindus. But during this special day, a special moment called Kukur Tihar is dedicated solely to dogs. This celebration lasts for five days and on the second day, dogs are praised and celebrated as human’s best friends. People offer dogs amazing food, they mark them with colors in the forehead and even put flowers around their necks. 

The red color marking on the forehead means that dogs are sacred animals. Stray dogs, pets, and all kinds of dogs around the country are treated in the best way possible. 

Yudhishthira which is the king of righteousness refused to enter Heaven without bringing his dog with him. This is mentioned in the Hindu text Mahabharata. 

It’s truly awesome to see dogs getting the love they absolutely deserve.