10+ photos of people doing something they regret immediately after

We have all had weird or embarrassing moments that have been witnessed by others close by. And instantly, after we have done something like that, we regret it. You will see people that felt exactly like that in the next photos.

Some of the photos you will see next will definitely remind you of the time you have done something weird or stupid, and you will feel that regret again.

1. Where is your number?

These two posted an ad on a bus with the slogan ‘Call Us’ but forgot to add their number.

2. Excuse me that is my girlfriend on my shoulders.

At a festival, this girl is sitting on her boyfriend’s shoulders, while he is making out with another girl.

3. Is that real?

This could be two things, either someone forgot to take down their Halloween decoration, or it is a person who has died a long time ago.

4. Chocolate-less snickers

Someone forgot to add the chocolate to this snickers bar.

5. Fire the editor

Someone forgot to proofread this article and its headline, before going out for print.

6. Difficult cleanup

When cooking something, it is wise to stay in the kitchen.

7. It is not summertime

Someone forgot to close the sunroof on this car, and it was snowing outside.

8. That is not green

Labeling items should be easy.

9. Did we take everything?

Someone forgot their suitcase in the parking lot before going on a trip.

10. A new addition to the family

This cat is surprised to see the new addition to the family.

11. Clean your sink

If this is a new trend, we haven’t heard it before.

12. Tiger man

Sunscreen is essential on a hot day.

13. Melting rabbit

Always keep chocolate in a cool area.

14. Be specific next time

This person didn’t take the spoon out of the batter, because it wasn’t in the recipe.

15. New sign

LED signs are cool and all, but don’t forget to program them.

16. Oh there they are

This person forgot where he put the bag of potatoes, and they started to grow.