The Queen reacts to her new portrait

We all know that every other day, there will be something new that comes up in the newspapers about the royal family. Queen Elizabeth has been in the news recently, but the news is unfortunately not pretty good.

People have been talking about how the Queen reacted to the portrait that was made about her.

Since forever, the royal family has been getting their portraits done. It is a tradition, and every royal gets to have their own portrait.

In a way, the portraits, shape our view of the royal family.

Fans of the royal family love seeing new photos of the royals.

But the latest portrait of the Queen has got people talking.

Her latest portrait has gotten people saying that is hasn't fully captured her.

To this day, no other monarch has ruled the United Kingdom more than Queen Elizabeth.

Being on the throne for 68 years and counting, Queen Elizabeth has surpassed Queen Victoria's record. She was coronated back in 1953.

Throughout the years, the history of the royal family has been documented.

Here is a stamp of King George VI, which came out back in 2012.

You may know the story of King George VI.

There was a movie made about him in 2010 called ‘The King's Speech,' where they told the story of King George overcoming his fear of public speaking.

George married in 1923.

He married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. With her, they had two children.

Their first child was Elizabeth, who was born on the 21st of April, 1926, and four years later came Margaret on the 21st of August, 1930.

Queen Elizabeth had an abundance of ancestors.

Most of the European Royalty that we all know somewhat had biological ties with Queen Elizabeth. One of the biggest names is Queen Victoria, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901.

Elizabeth was growing up during the second world war.

When the wat was still at large, Elizabeth and Margaret were brought to Windsor for safety reasons.

While the war was still going on, the people got the opportunity to hear Princess Elizabeth through a radio broadcast.

The public began to like Princess Elizabeth.

That was the period when Princess Elizabeth started to take on more royal duties.

King George made his daughter the colonel-in-chief of the Grenadier Guards, and that was her first time to appear in public in order to inspire the troops.

In February 1952, King George VI passed away.

That meant that Princess Elizabeth was going to be crowned Queen.

She officially took reign on the 2nd of June, 1953.

She was only 27-years-old, and her coronation at Westminster Abby was the first ever to be televised.

Six years prior to her becoming Queen, when she was 21-years-old, she married Philip Mountbatten.

Many members of the public and some royal family members, didn't think that Philip was the right man for Elizabeth.

People knew Queen Elizabeth as more thoughtful, and Philip was considered to be more robust and bold.

Despite all the talks, they are still married and going strong.

Early in their marriage, there were countless rumors that Philip was unfaithful to the Queen.

It didn't take long for them to start a family.

Charles was born in 1948, and his sister Anne came two years after in 1950.

They had four children together.

People definitely love and respect Queen Elizabeth.

And they were extremely happy to hear that there was going to be a new portrait of her.

People wanted to see how this one turned out.

The Queen even had a Zoom meeting that everyone could join and hear, he thought on the portrait.

The whole build-up and the excitement before the reveal were huge.

Once the portrait was made public, fans weren't impressed.

Thousands of comments and reactions came in.

People didn't like the portrait that much.

People were quick to judge certain aspects of the picture.

Some were direct saying it was horrible, and then some people said that her eyes and her overall look were lifeless.

There were people also saying that it was the artist's fault and tried to explain why she looked a certain way.

They said that the artist paid more attention to the background than to the facial features and expressions.

Overall, it wasn't a good portrait, and the response to it caused a lot of debates.

When the Queen responded, many people felt a bit scared.

She gave her honest reaction when she first saw the painting herself.

Since the virus pandemic, the Queen has been in Windsor Castle.

When the painting was shown to her, she wanted to see it in person and not just online.

Many people wonder will she ever go back to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen was happy that she got an opportunity to see the painting.

Make sure to let us know if you like the Queen's new portrait.