New Invention A Bed That Gently Moves Your Partner Back To Their Own Side

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand that can do all you want especially on those nights where your partner hogs most of the bed and you have to stay on the thread? Do you wish that you had a permanent way of just putting them on the side of the bed they belong and not having to do it every five minutes? Are your legs aching after a long night of having to move your partner to their sides of the bed? Do you wish your legs and hands don’t have to suffer this pain? Maybe you have corrected them several times but there is no improvement and they are not even giving you pleasure of resting after a long and tiring day?

Well, brood no more because I have the perfect solution to this problem. I present you the “Lane-Keeping” bed. That sounds weird right? How can a bed keep a lane? Does that even sound right? Well, Ford recently released this solution I talked about. This solution gently nudges your partner back over to their side of the bed in the middle of the night in case of excessive hogging.

Do you know that research has made it known that 1 in 4 people in a relationship sleep better on their own? What you might not know is that the sleep loss caused by these begs hogs affect our lives a lot. Let’s start from the fact that it can increase the risk of accidents and injuries in the home, at work and even on the road. That has resulted to a lot of cases as regards “sleep divorces”, that is, when otherwise happy partners sleep in different beds at night. This can cause a bridge in their relationship life. Now what is the solution to having a good night sleep and not having to sleep in different beds?

That is why I bring you the “Lane-Keeper bed.” Why not invest into one of these beds that are made by Ford and reduce the risk of having a bridge in your relationship. The technology backing this bed up was originally used by Ford to monitor road markings and automatically nudge vehicles back into their lanes if they stray. But one of the scientists decided to apply this to mattresses and the Lane-Keeper was the result of that light bulb moment. The bed uses pressure sensors to tell when your partner has strayed from their side. When this occurs, an integrated conveyor belt placed within the mattress gently rolls them back over to their side.

The bad news is that this wonderful creation is not available yet as it is still in the design phase but we are sure that it won’t be long till people start rushing this commodity. This will tighten the bond in a relationship by reducing the rate at which argument and fights takes place among partners.

If you like the idea of the bed, then Ford have also released a Noise Cancelling Kennel which helps anxious dogs to feel safe and cosy during noisy events like firework displays and thunderstorm.