13-year-old gets his mom a new car

We often view teenagers as troublesome and think they all are self-centred. Those of us that have gone through our teen years know that adults don’t respect our opinions and even now when we are adults, even we think teen can get a bit annoying.

But not all teens make the news for negative reasons. Some of them are setting examples for their peers and even adults. Everyone can learn a lot from teens like this.

Back in March, in 2019, a 13-year-old kid made the news for his good deed. He sold his video game console and did work here and there in Nevada, to raise some extra money. The best thing about this story is that the money he earned, he didn’t spend on himself. He wanted to give it to someone close to him that needed the money more than him.

With the money, he got from his Xbox and the work he did, William Preston, surprised his mom with a car that she needed. The family was going through a rough patch, and William noticed that his mom couldn’t keep up with the needs of her three kids and their three dogs.

William said that he was watching videos online about how kids were giving their parents cars, so he wanted to do the same for his mom. He went on Facebook and started to search for people who were selling cars. He found a woman that was selling a 1999 Chevrolet Metro, and he thought about buying the car.

The car was pretty cheap, so William messaged the woman saying if he could trade his gaming console or earn it by doing some work for her. At first, the woman said no, but after a while, she messaged him back, saying that she thought about his offer and traded the car for his gaming console.

The day came when William walked into the room his mom was sitting and told her that he got her a car. At first, she didn’t believe him, but then they both came out of the house, and the woman drove them to her place and showed her the car that William got for her.

Krystal Preston, William’s mom, said that when she saw the car, she started to cry instantly. She has said that she is incredibly proud of her son, but she thinks that he didn’t have to do it. She added that it was her job to take care of him, not the other way around. What other 13-year-old buys their parent a car.